Eagle Pro


Eagle Pro Industrial Tools, Inc. manufactures hydraulic tools including cylinders, pumps, and jacks for industrial purposes. All of their hydraulic products are engineered and made to meet ISO 9001:2008 standards. Through a quality assurance program including consistent audits of administration, management, manufacturing, and production control results in a reliable, dependable, high-quality hydraulic products that stand the test of time.

Since 1996 Eagle Pro has had the vision to provide complete hydraulic tools. This is reflected in their mission to focus on their customers' needs by providing excellent hydraulic solutions and services in order to consistently provide maximum value. They supply high-quality hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and jacks, and provide excellent customer service.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Double acting general purpose

The Eagle Pro ED series Double Acting General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder produces a quick, controlled piston contraction allowing for a double acting operation.  A built-in safety valve prevents accidental-over pressurization.  Most models include collar, piston threads, and base mounting holes to make fixturing a simple task. Piston jamming and mushrooming is prevented by the cylinder’s hardened, and E-coated snap-in saddle. The ED series enhances durability with a hardened and chromed piston that reduces wear and corrosion.  A durable, anti-corrosive finish is added using an environmentally friendly coating process.  The ED series comes with a rugged, EAB-201A female coupler, complete with heavy-duty dust covers, preventing dirt and debris from entering the hydraulic system The ED series complies with ASME B30.1 standards.

Double-Acting, Hollow-Piston

Eagle Pro's EDH series Double-Acting, Hollow-Piston Hydraulic Cylinder incorporates a hollow piston design that allows both pushing and pulling forces.  The construction of high strength alloy steel maximizes durability along with the EDH series’ double acting operation ensures fast and controlled piston reaction time. A safety valve prevents over-pressurization. Eagle Pro's EDH series comes with a rugged female coupler and a heavy-duty dust cover which keeps dirt and debris from entering the system. 

Double-Acting High Tonnage

The hardened and chromed piston minimizes wear and corrosion damage.  The incorporation of base mounting holes enables easy fixturing.  An environmentally friendly coating process provides a highly durable finish.  The EDX Series comes with a rugged EAB-201A female coupler complete with heavy-duty dust covers.

Single Acting High Tonnage

Eagle Pro's ESX Single Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinder features high strength alloy steel aimed at maximizing durability.  The hardened and chromed piston reduces wear and corrosion damage.  The inclusion of base mounting holes enables easy fixturing.  An environmentally friendly coating process produces a finish that protects against corrosion. The ESX features a single acting, load return operation.  Additionally, optional tilt saddles are available.

Single-Acting with Locking Collars

The Eagle Pro EL series Single-Acting Cylinder with Locking Collars includes an alloy steel lock nut for mechanical load holding and is constructed of a high strength alloy steel to maximize durability.  The hardened chrome piston reduces damage caused from wear and corrosion.  The over flow port functions as a stroke limiter. The EL series also includes hardened grooved replaceable saddles.  Composite bearings prevent metal-to-metal contact.  Quick reaction times are obtained through heavy-duty straight pull return springs.

Single-Acting General Purpose

Eagle Pro's ES series Single Acting General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder redefines durability for the harshest of industrial environments. With its high strength alloy steel construction and hardened chromed piston, it ensures superior product life by reducing wear and corrosion. Heavy-duty, straight pull return springs provide fast retraction with greater flexibility. The ES series comes with collar, multiple piston threads, and base mounting holes. Hardened and E-coated snap-in type saddle prevents piston jamming and mushrooming, practically eliminating downtime.

Low Profile Pancake Style Cylinders

The Eagle Pro ESL series Low Profile Pancake Style Hydraulic Cylinder features a low-profile flat design and is an optimal choice for tight spaces.  The hardened and chromed high strength alloy steel increases durability by reducing wear and corrosion.  The grooved piston end does not require a saddle and the inclusion of mounting holes permits easy mounting.  Retraction time is quick thanks to the heavy duty, straight pull return springs. 

Hydraulic Pumps


The EPA series Dual Speed Hydraulic Hand Pump features valve blocks that are machined from a single piece of high strength aircraft grade aluminum and high capacity reservoirs made from alloy steel that maximizes durability.  These hand pumps are compact and easy to carry around the job site. To get the job done faster, these powerful dual speed pumps offer some of the best flow rates in the industry. All of the EPA series hydraulic hand pumps feature an internal safety valve to prevent system damage.

Electric Hydraulic Pump

Eagle Pro's EPB series of Electric Hydraulic Pumps feature various flow rates from 16 in3/min, 39in3/min, 60in3/min, and 100in3/min. and industrial strength TEFC (totally enclosed, fan cooled) induction motors that provide performance and reliability when needed.  All single phase EPB pumps come standard with a low voltage remote control.  The EPB series pumps start under full load. Standard reservoirs are available in 1.3 gallons, 2.1 gallons, or 5.3 gallons.  If the application requires a larger reservoir, large reservoir bolt on kits are available up to 20 gallons depending on the pump model.   Roll cage kits and an externally adjustable valve pressure regulator are available to increase the protection and performance of the pump.

Air over Hydraulic Pumps

The Eagle Pro EPC series Air Over Hydraulic Pumps features an efficient pump and heavy-duty air motor design.  The risk of contamination damage is minimized as pumps feature both air and oil filters. Several types of reservoir materials are available to suit each application.  The built in air exhaust muffler quiets operation.  All Eagle Pro EPC series air over hydraulic pumps features an internal load limiting valve to prevent system damage

Gas Powered Hydraulic Pumps

Eagle Pro's Gasoline Powered Hydraulic Pumps allow you to use hydraulics as a work force multiplier in even the most remote locations. Subaru’s EA Series engines are engineered and built specifically for demanding applications and extreme conditions encountered by high force hydraulic equipment.  The EA series offers easier starts, quieter operation, and more power than anything in its class.  Featuring advanced chain-driven overhead cam technology and their impressive three-year warranty, it’s an easy choice for demanding work environments.

Hydraulic Jacks

Eagle Pro Jack

The Eagle Pro ETJ Series Hydraulic Toe Jack is designed for lifting loads with very low minimum (foot) clearance or high (head) clearance.  The ETJ series includes a built in safety valve that provides overload protection.  The five and ten-ton models have an added spring assisted return and over travel protection feature.  Strength is assured through the incorporation of a forged base and cylinder.  The Eagle Pro ETJ Series complies with ANSI/ASME B30.1 and CE/GS standards.