Johnson Level

Johnson Level & Tool has been manufacturing construction levels and tools for over 70 years, helping tradesmen with accurate measuring and surveying. Their products have become an industry leader in levels and professional measuring tools including construction grade lasers and levels. Johnson Level & Tool products are aimed at the end user who demands a high-quality tool of the highest value available.

Professionals appreciate the wide range of the measuring tool product line and the products' exceptional dependability, durability, and performance. Johnson Level & Tool products are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers for ease of use, durability, accuracy and exceptional value.

Johnson Level & Tool is a leading maker of quality levels including spirit levels, laser levels, rotary laser levels and all the accessories to meet all demanding application requirements. Headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin, they are a third generation family owned business that uses proprietary technology to create measurement tools that are highly accurate and long lasting.

Johnson Level & Tool Products:

Spirit Levels

Johnson Level & Tool manufactures a complete line of high-quality spirit levels or (bubble levels) for most applications. Whether you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason or a DIY homeowner, Johnson Level & Tool has the right level.

Johnson Level & Tool's GLO-View, patented, glow-in-the-dark level technology makes spirit level vials visible below cabinets, above drop ceilings, and in the early morning before job site power is turned on. Cat’s eye green level vials are easier to see in any light. Use of rare earth magnets (5 times stronger than vinyl magnets) makes for easy, hands-free operation when working with ferrous metals.

Digital & Electronic Levels

When your level, plumb, or slope has to be 100% precise, Johnson Level & Tool offers a selection of digital and electronic levels for complete accuracy. Their digital level readout eliminates guessing about whether the level bubble is perfectly centered in the vial. When you are measuring a slope for a wheel chair ramp, plumbing pipe, or industrial manufacturing application, Johnson Level & Tool’s digital levels and digital angle finders are the right tools for the job.

I-Beam Levels

Johnson Level & Tool’s I-Beam levels are lightweight, durable, and feature field-serviceable bubble level vials that simply snap into place if one should break. Other features include oversized, easy to read bubble vials and large, padded hand grips (Johnson Level & Tool was the first level manufacturer to include handgrips on I-Beam levels). For mechanical contractors and other tradesmen who work with ferrous metals, Johnson Level & Tool Magnetic I-Beam levels feature rare earth magnets to offer hands-free operation.

Wood Levels

The wood levels have a classic look and feel professional workers love. With the practical attributes of wood, these are excellent masonry levels. Johnson Level & Tool wood levels have glass windows, making them resistant to mortar scratches. Mortar does not adhere to the wood itself, unlike the aluminum in I-Beam and box levels. Wood levels are also temperature change resistant, meaning they do not get hot or cold to the touch in extreme weather conditions. Wood levels have large bubble vials with long bubble travel for measuring slope. Whether you are looking for the perfect wood level, or just appreciate the fine look and feel of Johnson Level & Tool’s hardwood and mahogany levels, you will be purchasing a level that is durable, great looking and more importantly, accurate.

Torpedo Levels

Johnson Level & Tool offers the largest range of torpedo levels than any other level manufacturer in the world. Each Johnson Level & Tool torpedo level is designed for a specific user. Magnetic torpedo levels with multi-pitch center vials and rare earth magnets are rounded in shape so they stick better to steel.

Their durable Structo-Cast non-conductive material torpedo level, with a magnetized V-groove edge, fits on pipes and conduit. The Glo-View torpedo level, which glows in the dark, has grip tight rare earth magnets and V-groove frame to fit on pipe and conduit.

Laser Levels

Johnson Level & Tool is an industry leader in laser level technology. Their Green Brite Technology makes lasers 400% more visible than regular red laser levels and self-leveling lasers snap level horizontal and vertical lines within seconds, even when on uneven ground.

Johnson Level & Tool laser levels are guaranteed accurate for life with better features and more durable construction than any other laser level manufacturer.

All of Johnson Level & Tool laser level products from rotary laser levels, dot laser levels, line laser levels, torpedo laser levels to other laser measuring devices, have job site applications which will make you more productive and more profitable.

Rotary Laser Levels (Interior)

Johnson Level & Tool's rotary laser levels are the industry standard for laser construction measuring and technology. These indoor rotary laser levels allow you to snap a level line around a room within seconds, even when the floor or building foundation is not level. These rotary laser levels are perfect for any type of interior remodeling or construction. From framing out a room, installing a chair rail, putting in cabinets, countertops, or putting in a drop ceiling, a Johnson Level & Tool rotary laser level will make your project easier and completed faster.

Rotary Laser Levels (Exterior)

Johnson Level & Tool’s outdoor rotary laser levels make easy work of foundation leveling, landscaping, and grading work. When combined with a 360-degree laser detector and laser detector remote displays, your bulldozer or backhoe operator will be able to tell how far the blade is from the level or slope you've set with your rotary laser level. Johnson Level & Tool also makes a variable speed rotary laser level which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Johnson Level & Tool construction site leveling accessories transform high-quality levels into an indispensable, construction business productivity tools. Basic laser level accessories like laser level tripods, laser level wall mounts, and pole mounts let you easily set the height of your laser level. Advanced laser level accessories such as our machine mounted laser detectors and laser detector remote displays bring finely calibrated laser measurement ability to bulldozers, backhoes, and other heavy machinery. Adding 360-degree laser detection capability to your grading and excavating equipment will bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to all of your construction or landscaping operations. Other laser level accessories include standard laser level detectors and grade rods for outdoor laser level applications.