Palmgren Vises & Work holding Tools

Palmgren has been manufacturing work holding tools for the metal finishing industry since 1919 and has established itself as being a leading manufacturer of vises and workpiece holding tools. Industrial Tool Supply is proud to offer a wide selection of Palmgren vises, clamps, and swivel bases. We are happy to help you select the right tool for the job.


Types of Vises:  
Palmgren offers a selection of different types of vises to work with different applications.

Utility Vise:
General-purpose vise with a lower profile that can be mounted on drill presses, milling machines, grinders and machine tools where secure mounting is essential. This is the most commonly used style of vise for many manufacturers.

Drill Press Vises:
Specifically designed to hold workpieces securely for drilling and milling operations. The vise is designed to hold the workpiece firmly between its jaws so that it stays completely still when the drill bit pierces the surface of the material. These vises also have a slim profile so that it doesn’t interfere with drilling equipment. These vises are the recommended choice for drilling, tapping, reaming, spot-facing, counterboring, and countersinking operations and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Toolmaker Vises:
Generally smaller in size and offer a more affordable option. Toolmaker vises are a popular choice when the work needs to be moved from one machine to another, such as taking it from a mill to a drill press, surface grinder or to a larger piece of equipment.

Self-Centering Vises:

Feature a work holding device that automatically adjusts the workpiece to center, improving machining precision and repeatability. This self-centering low-profile machine vise is ideal to use with drilling and milling machines where quick, accurate centering of the workpiece below the spindle is required.

Dual Force Machine Vises:
Designed for precision part clamping. This design allows movable jaws to deliver 1/2 pound of downward force for every pound of horizontal force reducing jaw deflection by 80%.

Combination Bench and Pipe Combination Vises:
Feature a large throat depth to allow better clamping of large parts. While also having a V-shaped jaw on one side to better grip round objects in the vise.

Tooling Columns or Tombstones for Dual Force Vises:
Known as a pedestal-type fixture, tooling towers or tooling columns are a fixture block with two or more sides designed to mount a workpiece so that it can be machined on multiple sides. The unit is most commonly used in CNC machining operations where the fixture can be used with an automated system where the part can be loaded onto a column and then flipped to work on the other side of the piece.


Care and Maintenance of Vises:

Keep the vise clean. Always wipe down the vise to remove dust or dirt especially in the threaded area. It is also important to oil the unit periodically to maintain smooth operation of opening and closing of the jaws.

Rust Removal:
Over time vises may start to rust and need to have the rust removed in order to ensure smooth and safe operation. Using a rust remover solvent with a clean cloth is the recommend method for correcting this problem.

When a vise is not in use it is recommended to bring the jaws together and place the handle in a vertical position. If the vise is used outdoors or in an area of high humidity then cover the vise with a cloth to keep it dry and prevent it from rusting.

Swivel Bases for Vises:
The purpose of a vise is to securely hold a workpiece so it doesn’t move. But what if you need to move a workpiece but still keep it held securely? A swivel base does just that, it holds the workpiece steady but allows the base to be rotated or adjusted so that additional operations can be performed without having to unclamp and re-clamp the part. Industrial Tool Supply offers swivel bases for use with Palmgren’s Dual Force Premium Machine Vises that feature positioning in 1° increments and come with 11/16˝ keyways to align the vise to the machine table.

T-Slot Clamp Set:
This is a magnetic adjustable jack screw for leveling work on machine tables or fixtures, setting up machinery, and general use in the toolroom and machine shop.

Slide Tables:
Are mechanical guides and accessories that secure a workpiece but allow the part to slide into another position for additional drilling or milling. The two most common slide tables are a cross slide table and a rotary indexing table. Industrial Tool Supply offers single axis slide tables, rotary tilting cross slide tables, rotary indexing tables, and more.


C Clamps:
Are used to hold or secure objects tightly together using a device that has one stationary point and another point that is tightened using a screw thread. The term C Clamp or sometimes called “G” clamp is because the casting is in the shape of the letter C.  Industrial Tool Supply offers square throat, deep throat and extra deep throat C-Clamps in a variety of sizes.


Jack Screws:
Are used for leveling work on machine tables or fixtures, setting up machinery, and general use in the tool room and machine shop.


Need Help? Industrial Tool Supply is always here to help you select the right Palmgren Vise for the job. Feel free to call or contact us online if you need any assistance.