Wright Tool

For over 80 years Wright Tool Company, Inc. has consistently put their customers at the forefront of their minds and innovations. They consistently look at how they can make their hand tools better, the experience better, and their processes better for you. Their tagline "Perfecting Performance" is not just a catchy marketing phrase. It is truly how the company operates.

Wright Tool Company, Inc. manufactures heavy-duty hand tools. It offers master sets, drive sets, tool storage products, wrenches, sockets, ratchets, torque wrenches, screwdrivers, nut drivers, hex keys, pliers, snips, scissors, hammers, punches, chisels, bars, and clamps. The company also provides scaffold wrenches and striking wrench adapters, as well as tools for high-strength bolting. It serves refinery, power generation, distribution, mining, and wind turbine industries, just to name a few. The company sells its products through distributors. It offers its products across the globe in places such as, Dubai, Spain, and Russia. Wright Tool Company, Inc. was founded in 1927 and is based in Barberton, Ohio.

Wright Tool Company, Inc. manufacturers their products in the USA and offer a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship. They are continuously introducing new, innovative tools to their array of heavy-duty hand tools that will make your life easier. They also regularly expand their current line of products.

All products manufactured by Wright Tool Company Inc. are designed to meet or exceed the applicable ASME Standards for that particular tool.

Master Sets:

Wright Tool Company, Inc. offers a large range of master sets for professionals. From the mega master set with over 560 tools to the smaller apprentice and basic service sets, there’s something for everyone. Each set contains quality tools, carefully selected according to need and coverage.


Wright Tool Company, Inc. wrenches feel as good as they look. They feature the patented Wright Grip technology, which provides more torque with less fastener damage. The Wright Grip technology found in their wrenches distributes stress evenly over a larger contact area and away from the fastener corners. They’re ideal for applications ranging from standard nuts and bolts to aerospace fasteners. They also offer striking wrenches for extra-heavy-duty applications.

Impact Sockets:

Wright Tool Company, Inc. makes impact sockets and attachments for almost every size and drive for which they make a hand socket. Hand sockets are not recommended for impact gun use. Wright impact tools are designed and manufactured stronger to handle the increased force they receive from impact guns. The Wright 6 pt. sockets use the patented Wright Drive® giving our sockets more strength and longer life. Wright also manufactures large impact sockets which are beyond the range of hand application. They make sockets with up to a 10" opening and 3-1/2" drive. The 2-1/2" and 3-1/2" drive sockets are normally driven with hydraulic power. Because of the high loads involved, the impact designs are much safer for these drivers.

The hydraulic driver is often more convenient to use and has the advantage of controlling the amount of torque applied. Wright stocks a large assortment of impact sockets including 1-1/2" drive inch and metric sizes through 6-1/2" and 155mm. The 2-1/2" and 3-1/2" drive sockets are custom made.

Torque Wrenches:

Wright Tool Company, Inc. manufactures a wide range of torque wrenches specially designed for a broad range of applications. Their accuracy meets or exceeds all applicable government specifications and all wrenches meet or exceed ANSI B 107.14M or GGG-S-686, whichever applies. These wrenches feature a positive lock with spring loaded pull down lock ring and super rugged knurled metal for industrial use.

All Wright Tool Company Inc. torque wrenches feature ft.-lbs. scales primary and newton meter secondary. Micrometer “clicker” torque wrenches feature a distinct breaking action when the set torque is reached. The breaking action and clicking noise are greatest at the upper part of the scale and all Wright Tool torque wrenches include a “Certificate of Calibration.”

Torque Multiplier:

The Wright Tool Company Inc. torque multiplier is used to reduce the effort needed to tighten or loosen a fastener. By using a torque multiplier, thousands of foot pounds of torque can be accurately applied with a standard 250-ft.-lb. torque wrench. Wright Tool offers a complete line of torque multipliers in output torque from 750 ft. lbs. to 8,000 ft. lbs.

All Wright Tool Company, Inc. torque multipliers can be operated with any standard torque wrench and will “multiply” torque for higher torque outputs. Wright makes reaction bar multipliers, which will typically react against a flange, and reaction plate multipliers to react against an adjacent bolt.


Wright Tool Company, Inc. screwdrivers are available individually or in sets and include Phillips, cabinet tip, round shank and square shank (all with or without cushion grips). Wright also manufactures a handy 4-in-1 screwdriver, as well as hollow-shaft nut drivers in standard and metric styles.

Hex Keys:

Wright Tool Company Inc. manufactures hex keys in a variety of sets from 5-piece sets up to 18-piece sets. Hex key sets include L-key (short arm, long arm, combination, and metric), fold-up, and T-handle sets (with or without vinyl grips). Hex bit sockets can be found with the 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" drive sockets.