We are proud to offer a wide selection of Channellock hand tools manufactured in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Throughout their entire line of tools the quality in manufacturing and durability is known throughout the industry as a leader.

Channellock’s history goes back to 1886 when a blacksmith named George B DeArment started forging farrier’s hand tools and sold them out of a wagon. The successful young entrepreneur named his company, Champion Bolt & Clipper Company. He built the company on four core principles that continue to guide the company even today.

1) Good management is never far from the factory floor.
2) People are more important than machines.
3) Bigger doesn't always mean better.
4) Dedication to excellence is the surest way to surmount adversity and to prosper.

The company was moved to Meadville, Pennsylvania and expanded its manufactured products to nippers, pinchers, and open-end wrenches. In 1935 Champion-DeArment (the company name at the time) developed a multi position tongue and groove, slip-joint style plier that was named Channellock. The company's name was then changed to Channellock in 1963.

Today Channellock is run by the 5th generation DeArment Family and operates two facilities in Pennsylvania. They manufacture more than 130 different sizes and types of hand tools. All Channellock pliers are still made in Meadville. Channellock has more than 4,000 U.S. wholesale and retail customers and ships to customers in 45 countries.

Tips on Buying Channellock Tools

Channellock Pliers: 
Pliers come in a lot of styles, each one for a different application. You should have several styles of pliers in your toolbox to handle different jobs. Though many companies market a do-all plier, no one plier can handle all jobs equally. Pliers were designed for grasping things. Your pliers should give you the ability to grasp a wide variety of parts and hold them securely. Channellock pliers are made from high carbon steel for superior performance. Their pliers have a right angle, laser heat-treated tooth design to grip better and last longer. Patented reinforced edges minimize stress breakage. The quality of the joint is even more important in pliers so that they don’t fail or become sloppy over time.

Channellock Wrenches

A good set of wrenches should include SAE and Metric sizes as well as different styles of wrenches for different applications. A good wrench should be balanced, well-constructed and feel comfortable to use.  You should have a ratcheting wrench set for tight areas as well as an adjustable set for general purpose work.  The adjustable wrenches from Channellock feature longer jaws that grip better and open wider than conventional adjustable wrenches. Combination wrenches are built to hold fasteners tight and provide serious torque in tight spaces

Channellock Screwdrivers

What sets apart a good set of screwdrivers from bad ones? It's all in how the tool is manufactured. In addition to quality materials to provide durability, a good screwdriver should also provide the right grip for your applications.

All Channellock screwdrivers are made in the USA and feature a custom heat-treated alloy steel blade for strength. A nickel chrome finish is added for exceptional corrosion resistance, a precision machined vapor blast tip is added for a precise fit, and a handle design that features a high torque acetate handle completes the screwdriver for superior durability and solvent resistance.


Buying a set ensures that you have a good selection of screwdriver types for most applications. Types of screwdrivers you should have in your toolbox include: slotted, Phillips, flat head, and a nut driver.

Channellock Tool Sets:

Channellock tool sets provide the best value and make sense for the homeowner or professional that understands the quality of a well-built set of tools. We offer a wide selection of Channellock tools sets including plier sets, screwdriver sets, nut driver sets, wrench sets, socket sets as well as mechanics tool sets.