Southern Glove, Inc.

Southern Glove

Industrial Tool Supply offers a selection of Southern Glove work gloves. We are proud to be a distributor of Southern Glove because of their reputation and quality of their hand protection products.   

The Southern Glove Manufacturing Company was established in 1945 in Newton, North Carolina. From the beginning, their focus was on manufacturing quality work gloves for industrial markets. Since their beginnings, Southern Glove has expanded its range of products to include sleeves and aprons. One thing has remained the same for all of their products; they are designed to protect workers on the job without compromise.

Their award-winning gloves, and arm protection products are made to exact standards and engineered for reliable protection. Their high tech facility utilizes advanced technology in machinery and materials made in the USA, to build work gloves that protect the hands of millions of workers worldwide. Manufacturing in close proximity to North American markets gives Southern Glove the advantage of quality and value with short lead times.

Each work glove is ruggedly constructed for durable protection for most industrial applications and extreme environments. Browse our selection of work gloves to see why our products are designed to protect and manufactured to last.

Industrial Tool Supply offers two types of Southern Gloves work gloves, the split leather palm work glove, and the Hi-Viz impact glove, each having unique characteristics and applications.


 Split Leather Palm Gloves:

These rugged gloves feature split leather palms along with leather fingertips and also have a leather knuckle strap for protection. These gloves have a safety cuff that provides additional protection to the wrist. Split leather is good for applications in manufacturing, press operations, and plant operations.

Hi-Viz Impact Gloves:

When work involves the potential for crushing or punctures you need a heavy-duty glove that provides impact protection. The Arma Tuff Impact Glove provides medium impact protection and high dexterity for heavy manufacturing environments. They feature a reinforced textured PVC padded palm for protection and grip and have an accordion style extra firm EVA foam padded back.


Need Help? Industrial Tool Supply is always here to help you select the right Southern Glove product for the job. Feel free to call or contact us online if you need any assistance.