OZ Mechanical Lever Hoist No Overload Protection-OZ Lifting

OZ Mechanical Lever Hoist No Overload Protection

Product Number: OMLB025NG

OZ Lifting

  • $123.48

  • Lightweight robust construction
  • High-strength alloy load chain
  • Fully enclosed gear train
  • Minimum effort to lift W.L.L.
  • Chrome plated covers
  • Minimum headroom
  • Galvanized hand and load chain

W.L.L (lbs) 500 (lbs)
Lift (ft) 5 (ft)
Headroom / hook to hook H min. (in) 8.39 (in)
Effort to lift full load (lbs) 28.66 (lbs)
Falls of chain 1
Loadchain / dia. x pitch (mm) 4×12 (mm)
A 2.95 (in)
B 4.52 (in)
Product dimensions (in) C 1.61 (in)
D 6.14 (in)
E .70 (in)
E1 .60 (in)
Net weight (lbs) 5 (lbs)

The OZ Mechanical Lever Hoist is designed for commercial building sites, as well as various construction workplaces, such as warehousing, buildings, storage areas, and factories in general. The OZ Mechanical Lever Hoist is made from lightweight yet robust materials that allow the hoist to be easily mounted. With a net weight of five pounds, and a weight load limit of five hundred pounds, the ratio of power is staggering. This is due to the superior building quality, the exceptional materials used to construct the lever hoists, and the high level of quality control practiced by OZ Lifting Products. The lever hoist is easy to use and requires only a minimum of effort to lift the product’s weight load limit (W.L.L). The hoist lever features an intuitive design that employees will be able to master with ease. The OZ mechanical lever hoist is used worldwide in construction workplaces and warehouses and is known for its exceptional quality and value. The lever hoist features a selector switch to raise a load, lower a load, or put the hoist lever in neutral for quick rigging jobs. Some other additional features and benefits of the OZ Mechanical Lever Hoist include the alloy hook made of forge steel, a stainless steel ID tag with load rating information, a shroud that acts as a chain guide, and a tag that keeps the chain clean. The chain is zinc-plated so there is no oil on the chain, which will help to keep the mechanism clean and clear of debris. An end-stop acts as a means to pull the chain and as a lock to prevent unchaining the hoist. The OZ cast latch is the heaviest in the industry and yet lever hoists manufactured by OZ Lifting Products require 30-40% less effort than most competitors’ hoists!

Made by OZ Lifting Products, the hoist lever is backed by the OZ guarantee, so you can rest assured that it meets all quality control standards and is of the highest, most-durable quality. All OZ Lifting Products, including the OZ lever hoist, are top-of-the-line when it comes to safety, durability, performance, and customer satisfaction. Every lever hoist is triple tested at the factory to 50% over the rated capacity, so our customers can be safe in the knowledge that these hoists will work the first time, and every time after that. In addition, OZ Lifting Products has exceptional customer service and technical support, so should any issues arise, they’ll be treated in a timely and helpful fashion.