3/8" Drive Cougar Set A39 – 49 pieces-Cougar Pro

3/8" Drive Cougar Set A39 – 49 pieces

Product Number: A39

Cougar Pro

  • $238.50

3/8" Dr. 49 Pc. 6 Pt. Std. and Deep SAE and Metric

  • Cougar Pro is a line of competitively priced, professional-grade hand tools
  • Cougar Pro brand is for those who need professional and dependable hand tools
  • Affordably priced for a great overall value
  • Designed for construction, maintenance and assembly work
  • All Cougar Pro tools carry a lifetime guarantee

3/8" drive, 49-piece socket ratchet set in molded plastic box, with label outside.

All product stamped Cougar Pro and meet ASME B107.1 and ASME B107.10 standards.

Set includes:

  • E3426 ratchet
  • E3403 (3 long) and E3405 (6 in. long) extensions
  • E3475 universal
  • E3431 thumbwheel ratchet
  • E3008-E3028 11 six-point, standard length SAE hand sockets
  • E3512 – E3528 9 six-point, deep SAE hand sockets
  • M3006 – M3019 14 six-point, standard length metric hand sockets
  • M3510 – M3519 10 six-point deep metric hand sockets


All have a full-polished plated finish

All sockets are 6-point hexes