Toolmaker's Universal Three Axis Angle Vise-Palmgren

Toolmaker's Universal Three Axis Angle Vise

Product Number: 9622704


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Toolmaker's Universal Three Axis Angle Vise

The combination and movement of three different compound axis settings makes possible setups in any angle. Adaptable for all your machining requirements.

  • Vise has 2 angular side movements which allows the workpiece to be set at any desired angle up to 45° on either side of the 90° vertical index
  • Calibrated vertical index can be securely locked anywhere from 0 to 90°
  • Swivel base provides complete 360° calibrated rotation
  • Base has 5/8˝ keyway and two 5/8˝ bolt slots for locating and mounting of the machine table
  • Base and bed parallel to 004˝
  • Jaw surface square to .0002˝
  • Made of 30,000 PSI tensile strength, fine grain cast iron



Jaw Width (In.)

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Toolmaker's Universal Three Axis Machine Angle Vise







Model #
9622704 22704 3 Axis angle machine vise, 4"