Tombstones For Dual Force Vises-Palmgren

Tombstones For Dual Force Vises

Product Number: 9626650


  • $3,820.82

bstones For Dual Force Vises

Palmgren’s tooling columns or tombstones provide a practi- cal means of holding work accurately in a vertical or hori- zontal plane for CNC machining operations. They can be mounted directly on a machine table/pallet and come stan- dard with key-way’s running vertically and t-slots running horizontally on all four sides.

  • FC300 Cast Iron / Heat treated (normalized)
  • Excellent vibration dampening characteristics  
  • Strong, ridged construction
  • Designed to fit all inch and metric pallets
  • Fully machined on all sides
  • Flat, parallel and square less than .001˝ over 12˝
  • 5/8˝ t-slots with 11/16˝ keyway
  • Easy accepts machining center vises or standardized jig components
9626650 400 x 400mm Tombstone for 4" Jaw Width
9626651 500 x 500mm Tombstone for 4" & 6" Jaw Width
9626653 630 x 630mm Tombstone for 6" Jaw Width