Milling Machine Vises-Palmgren

Milling Machine Vises

Product Number: 9618401


  • $176.40

Intended for demanding vertical and horizontal machining tasks, such as milling and shaping, where strong clamping and secure mounting are all requirements.

  • Can be used on drill presses, mill/drills, milling machines and grinders
  • Models 9618402 and 9618602 have a 360° swivel base indicated in 1° increments
  • Made from 30,000 PSI tensile strength, fine cast iron
  • Base and bed parallel to 0.001"
  • Center of the base is open for holding work through body of vise
  • Replaceable steel jaw plates
  • Fixed jaw is grooved horizontally and vertically for holding round stock
  • 5/8" keyway in swivel base for accurate positioning
  • U.S.A. Vise