Dual Force Precision Mechanical Booster Machine Vises

Product Number: 9625954


  • $1,620.36

Palmgren’s Dual-Force mechanical booster machine vises are simply a smarter vise. Equipped with a patented mechanical booster and adjustable clamping force system that delivers secure, accurate and efficient clamping without the need to over tighten the vise spindle. The adjustable clamping pressure provides consistent, continuous force of up to 11,200 pounds (50KN) maximum making part holding simple and easy.

  • Precise clamping force regulation (patented) is achieved by turning the force ring to one of three graduation settings and a simple turn on the handle provides precise clamping pres- sure every
  • Mechanical booster (patented) delivers a steady clamping force and is equipped with an internal disc spring design that guards against shocks and vibrations maintaining con- sistent pressure during the machining
  • Incorporates the Dual-Force design of all directional alignment with a ½ pound of downward force for every pound of horizontal
  • Precision ground and hardened jaw plates
  • Precision ground and hardened vise body
  • Clamping repeatability within 0005˝
  • Parallelism of keyways on bottom of vise bed to the jaw face 0.0006˝
  • Parallelism of the face to the vise bed 0004˝
  • Squareness from the bed to the jaw face 0008˝
  • Height tolerance is within +/- 0004˝
  • Unique chip cover protects the spindle and nut while facilitating the evacuation of chips
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron castings deliver the strength, rigidity and long term accuracy required while absorbing machine vibration


9625954 4" x 5" Dual Force Mechanical Booster Machine Vise
9625955 5" x 7" Dual Force Mechanical Booster Machine Vise
9625956 6" x 13" Dual Force Mechanical Booster Machine Vise
9625958 8" x 14" Dual Force Mechanical Booster Machine Vise