Dual Force Multi-Function Precision Machine Vises

Product Number: 9625932


  • $1,024.80

Dual Force Multi-Function Precision Machine Vises

The Multi-Function line-up of vises provides a unique solution for quick and easy work piece clamping for most CNC machining applications. This lighter design makes the vise easier to mount and handle than other styles of vises.

  • Model 9625932 is standard with the traditional push style moveable jaw
  • Model 9625933 is standard with a pull style moveable This configuration provides an added benefit of easier part programming in the “Y” axis. It also reduces the reach-over distance, making part loading and unloading safer and easier for the machine operator.
  • The vises can be mounted on its base/bottom, on either side or upright. They can also be mounted back to back to create a fast, easy and economical vise
  • 0005˝ clamping repeatability
  • Bed heights matched to +/- 0004˝
  • Parallelism of keyways on bottom of vise bed to the jaw face +/- 0.0008˝
  • Equipped with Dual Force anti-lift mechanism
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron castings
9625932 6" Push Type Dual Force Vise
9625933 6" Pull Type Dual Force Vise