Dual Force 5 Axis Machine Vises

Product Number: 9625940


  • $2,676.24

Dual Force 5 Axis Machine Vises

Designed especially for multi-face machining of simple to complicated workpieces with a single clamping operation. These vises are small but have a large holding capacity making them ideal for 5-sided machining. Equipped with a variety of jaw options to cover a wide range of workholding applications. These unique vises deliver unrestricted all around access to the workpiece and are equipped with our Dual Force anti-lift mechanism to counter the lifting effect on the part while being machined.

The Optimal Solution for 5-Axis Machining:

  • Designed for space saving, obstruction free 5-Axis machining allowing machining operations close to the workpiece with low risk of collision
  • Simple, robust construction, smooth surfaces, easy cleaning
  • 80,000 PSI Ductile iron castings for rigidity and dimensional stability
  • All sides are hardened and ground
  • Both clamping jaws move simultaneously, self-centering to shorten the clamp and un-clamp times
  • From the center of the workpiece to the bed of the vise is perpendicular to 0.0004˝
  • Repeatable and controllable high clamping force up to 4500
  • Dual Force design completely prevents spreading of the clamping jaws and workpiece lift
  • Suitable for raw or pre-machined, cubical, round or odd shaped parts are easily clamped