6.5" End Cutting Plier-Channellock

6.5" End Cutting Plier

Product Number: 356


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356 6.5" End Cutting Plier

CHANNELLOCK® end cutting pliers provide powerful cutting capabilities on the job. Cutting capabilities include piano wire (0.056" min diameter - 0.091" max diameter), hard wire (0.047" - 0.091"), medium hard wire (0.047" - 0.091") and soft wire (0.162" max diameter). 

Made in the USA


6.25" End Cutting Plier

Laser heat-treated cutting edges last longer

Only CHANNELLOCK® uses a knife and anvil style cutting edge to ensure perfect mating and superior cutting edge life

CHANNELLOCK® uses high-carbon steel for superior performance on the job and specially coated for ultimate rust prevention

CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips for comfort

(A) Overall Length 6.25 in 158.75 mm
(B) Jaw Length 0.35 in 9.00 mm

(C) Joint Thickness 0.47 in 12.00 mm

(D) Joint Width 1.38 in 35.00 mm

(E) Cutting Edge 1.06 in 27.00 mm

(H) Handle Span 1.89 in 48.00 mm Weight 0.57 lbs 259.00 g