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1/2" Drive Torque Angle Gauge

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1/2" Drive Torque Angle Gauge


Torque Angle Method

The torque wrench has been the standard for tightening bolts and nuts that clamp parts together for many years. Torque is the force used to turn a fastener nut or bolt against friction. Friction occurs between the nut or bolt threads, fastener head and component surface. With the many variations in squareness and stiffness of the mating parts, clamping forces can vary significantly. The torque method also relies heavily on the consistency of the operator.

The Torque Angle Method specifies an initial torque in conjunction with a specific angular measurement. The initial torque mates the components. The fastener is then rotated a specific number of degrees. If cross-threading or high-friction occur, the fastener won’t rotate the proper number of degrees. If the fastener strips or there is low friction, it will rotate beyond the specified number of degrees.

The Torque Angle Method takes into consideration the many variables such as flatness, squareness of bolt heads, and surface finish that torque alone doesn’t account for. The Torque Angle Method is commonly used in Europe, and specified by Mercedes Benz for over 15 years on all critical fasteners.