Tool Boxes

Tool Boxes & Cabinets

You have spent a considerable amount on your work tools and want a safe place to store them when not in use. Tool storage typically comes down to four types of storage containers, each one designed to meet your usage and storage needs.

Tool Boxes: are usually small portable metal boxes with one main compartment for storing tools, a catch to secure the flip up lid and a handle to transport the box. These come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Tool Chests: are generally bigger than a toolbox and have multiple drawers to separate tools and accessories into different compartments. Typically chests have flat tops and drawers with catches or locks to secure the tools.

Tool Cabinets: are the largest of the storage options having multiple drawers and doors and are designed to hold a considerable number of tools and accessories. Some cabinets are stationary while some models have casters or rollers to move them around.

Tool Pouches/ Tool Bags: tool pouches are usually smaller storage options and are great for a few select tools while a tool bag is generally larger and holds more tools. A lot of professionals use the pouches to separate certain tools and then put the pouches in a tool bag for the best storage solution. Bags also have a carry strap or handle to make transportation easy.

Tool Rolls: are great storage options because they offer the best storage space in a small package. They work like a tool belt that rolls up into a cylinder for easy storage but unroll into an open arrangement of tools.


Which to Choose?

Whether you’re a new homeowner or a professional tradesman the storage solution will depend on how many tools you have and how you use them. Are you traveling to different job sites? Do you work in one location? What tools do you need to use most often? The type of work you do will also influence what type of storage unit is best for you. 

Things to Consider:

How many Tools?
How many tools do you need to store? How should they be arranged to make work easier? Don’t just think about the number of tools but also how you want them organized. Do you need a box, chest or cabinet that has separate compartments or can everything be placed into one space? Remember it’s not just storage but organization of your tools that matters.

Once you understand the size of the unit you need, consider where you need to store your tools. If you’re storing everything in a stationary cabinet, weight and portability are big problems. What if you need to move around a lot with your tools? Now you need to look at how heavy the unit is and how many tools you need to move at one time. This can be the difference between a toolbox or a tool bag. If the tools are expensive, you may want to purchase several tool boxes or chests that offer a more secure storage option but are light enough to move.

Tool Chest & Cabinet Features to Look for:

  • Quality steel construction.
  • Powder coated finish with superior scratch and chemical resistance.
  • Double-Wall construction for a sturdy and durable frame.
  • Double lid support brackets prevent accidental closing.
  • Heavy-duty, full-length drawer slides.
  • Heavy-duty casters with brakes making movement easy.
  • Full length hinges on top lid.
  • Reinforced lid providing greater rigidity.
  • Anti-skid drawer liners.
  • Heavy Duty gas struts on top lid for smooth and easy opening.
  • Integrated latch security system on all drawers.
  • High-security locks for added security.


Road Tool Chest for Vehicles:

These units are specifically designed for installation in vans and trucks for professional tradesmen.

Features to look for include:

  • Heavy-gauge metal preventing buckling and cracking.
  • Drop-front cover has a neoprene seal to make the unit water-resistant and dust-tight.
  • Welded side handles allow easy movement.
  • Powder-coating provides long-lasting durability in outdoor environments.
  • Full-length drawers hold long tools used on heavy-duty equipment.
  • Shielded hinges.
  • Cushion bars attached to the tool chest bottom provides protection which keeps the box off the floor in wet conditions. Heavy-duty slides assure easy, long-term drawer movement.


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